Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review: Pricing & OTO Details

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review – Welcome to my honest Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review. Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review – a phenomenal tool that allows you to turn your social media profile bio into money printing machines on any platform in the next 24 hours.

A Brand new tech Profit pulling micro sales funnel directories that converts your social media followers into paying customers. Creator Karthik Ramani and his team Developed The World’s First Revolutionary MSFD-Tech That Makes Every Click Count & Turns Your Social Media Followers Into Paying Customers! They Beta-Tested This Solution, & Results Were Simply Unbelievably True!

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review
Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review

In this Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review, you will get all complete information about benefits, How to use, Pricing and OTOs details.. So, Let’s check this complete Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review


Overview of Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review

  • Product name: Linkable DFY Agency Edition
  • Vendor: Karthik Ramani
  • Front-end price: $37
  • Release Date: 2022-Aug-24
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Niche: Software
  • Recommended: Very High
  • Skill levels needed: No need any skills
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

What is Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review ?

Linkable DFY Agency Edition is an app that lets you create high-converting micro sales funnel directories for social media platforms in only 3 steps, even without having any technical skills.

You will agree that social media as a marketing tool has a significant role in 2022. No Wonder, Big Brands, Marketers, And Influencers Are Already Leveraging Social Media Platforms To Enjoy Massive Engagements, Leads, Sales, And ROI.

But While going through This Aspect Of Social Media Platforms, Like… Tiktok, Pinterest, Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter, And Snapchat,… We Identified That They Allow Only A Single Bio Link. Even leading solutions charge a whopping monthly amount to tackle these challenges. You also need to pay a higher amount every month to freelancers or agencies to undertake your social media marketing tasks.

After putting in lots of heart and sweat, they finally came up with a winning affordable solution that works for everyone from small to big biz and everyone out there…The creators developed Linkable DFY Agency Edition App and tried its Beta version, and the results were simply mind-boggling! You may not believe it, but when we used Linkable DFY Agency Edition for our own social accounts and marketing campaigns, we were surprisingly pleased!

In a nutshell, Linkable DFY Agency Edition App Is The First-To-Market Tech That Creates Profit Pulling ‘Micro Sales Funnel Directories’ Without Any Tech Skills That Works For Any Niche!

Linkable DFY Agency Edition is an app that lets you create high-converting micro sales funnel directories for social media platforms in only 3 steps, even without having any technical skills. Linkable DFY Agency Edition is an app that lets anyone from a newbie to known influencers and others make the most of it without issues.

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review: How does it works?

Now You Can Create Profit Generating Micro Sales Funnel Directories And Monetize Social Media Followers In Just 3-Easy Steps!

STEP-1: Create A Profile As Per Your Preferences!

STEP-2: Select A Matching Theme And Template!

STEP-3: That’s It! Customize As Per Your Requirements And Publish!

Watch this demo video to know its working

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review: Features and Benefits

  • Ability To Create Awesome Profiles

With Linkable DFY Agency Edition, your users will finally be able to create fantastic profiles for each of their work profiles and impress audiences with content for killer engagements and more.

  • Ability To Create Pages Under Each Profile

It will also be possible for your tribe to create so many pages under each created profile even without having any prior tech skills.

  • Ability To Keep Many Links Under Each Page

Your clan will also be able to have so many links under each page – the higher is their number of links – the more will they have the opportunity to enjoy more leads and ROI.

  • Dazzling DFY Themes To Choose From

DFY themes are already available that your users can choose as per their preferences and niches.

  • Attention-Grabbing DFY Templates To Begin Instantly

From Bio links to mini web templates, it will be possible for your users to use any of them and maximize their game.

  • Ability To Create Templates From Scratch

Besides being able to choose available DFY templates, you can also start creating a fresh template from scratch as per your needs right inside this excellent app.

  • Ability To Set Meta And OG Keywords For Your Pages

You can also set Meta and OG keywords for your pages to see how they display in search and when shared on social media platforms.

  • Global Appearance Settings Available

You can decide how your pages appear globally – from themes to background to different patterns and much more; you get to call the shots.

  • Ability To Add Avatars

You get to add profiles and customize layouts, profile images, headlines and titles. You will also have the ability to add buttons with full-fledged options.

  • Ability To Add Banners

A user will also be able to either upload their own image or pick one of the millions of images available inside and even customize their width, radius, and CTA. This way, they can decide if they open in the same or a different tab.

  • Ability To Customize CTAs

You will easily be able to customize your CTAs (Anchor Links) and headline, subtext, link, link BG, etc.

  • Ability To Add Different Blocks

It is also possible to add blocks from avatars to headlines to texts to banners to buttons and links to splitters to forms to media to text and more inside your campaign. Based on the types of blocks you add, it will be possible to redirect users to action as per your wish.

  • Ability To Add Video Blocks

You can even add video blocks to autoplay and animate videos from YouTube and Vimeo and in formats like Mp4 and Webm. Adding video blocks will lead to many engagements because videos are one of the most consumed content types today.

  • Ability To Collect Payments From PayPal, Stripe, And Razorpay

You will be able to collect payments of up to $10K right inside the Linkable app because leading payment integrations like PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay are available.

  • Ability To Add Headline And Subscribe Blocks

Adding a headline block with the ability to edit headline text will be easy. With subscribing block addition, adding/managing title, button, description, link, success message, collect name, email, and mobile number of customers will be possible.

  • Ability To Add FAQs

You can easily add frequently asked questions and their answers to convince your users about your offered services or products.

  • Ability To Add The Timer

Adding the countdown timer so that you can run special deals up to a specific date and time will be super possible.

  • Comes With The ‘Support Me’ Feature 

You have the freedom to add the Support Me feature, start collecting donations, and make fundraising possible by letting users enter the amount they want to pay for a cause.

  • Ability To Choose Layout Appearances For Get In Touch Icon

It is up to you to select a ‘Get In Touch’ layout appearance as per niches you want to appeal to and types of biz you are.

  • Ability To Access Linkable App 2 Ways QR Codes

With QR feature, you will have two options to access Linkable. Option 1 will be on the Linkable URL one, while Option 2 will be lead to opening text messages in the phones of users. This feature gives you the freedom to use Linkable module quickly.

  • Pixabay And Youzign Integrations Available Inside The App

Linkable seamlessly integrates with Pixabay and Youzign to empower you to access all high-quality images and other media right inside the module. Hence, you won’t need to sign on Pixabay and Youzign separately and waste your time.

  • Performance Analytics

It will be possible for you to know how your campaigns have been performing with data like – total clicks per profile, click-through rate per profile, and clicks on individual links per profile.

  • Ability To Manually Hide Blocks

It is up to you to hide any block you don’t want to showcase without permission.

  • Ability To Customize Your Slug URL

It will be possible to choose the slug name you wish to keep for your link.

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review – Who is intended for?

  1. Affiliate Marketers
  2. Business Owners
  3. Video Creators
  4. Product Creators
  5. Freelancers
  6. Internet Marketers
  7. Ecom Sellers
  8. Social Meedia Marketers
  9. Any Profession persons
  10. Copy Writing Service Providers

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review – Pros & Cons


  • One Time Investment
  • No Technical Skill Required
  • Commercial License Included
  • 30 Days moneyback guarantee
  • Step by step training
  • Fast-action Bonuses
  • Call to action button
  • Include 100 links under each created page
  • Ability to create 25 profiles


I have not found any

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Pricing and OTOs Details

Linkable Front End ($34)

If your subs have been waiting to include so many links under the Bio section of social media platforms, then they need this version to unlock everything. They are getting so many killer features to get them started and even access unprecedented leads, sales and profits.

  • Create profiles.
  • Create pages under each profile.
  • Include so many links under each created page.
  • So many awesome themes to choose from.
  • Ability to create templates.
  • Bio link templates.
  • Mini web templates.
  • Ability to set Meta and OG keywords for pages.
  • Global appearance settings.
  • Create multiple blocks.
  • Add profile and banners.
  • Image carousel with multiple images to be added in a particular block.
  • CTA – Anchor Links.
  • Splitter horizontal.
  • Video block.
  • PayPal and Stripe payment integrations are available.
  • Ability to manage orders.
  • Share links and pages URL on social networks.
  • Headline block.
  • Subscribe block.
  • Ability to add FAQs, Button. Timer, Image, Text and Icon.
  • Ability to add ‘Get In Touch’ section.
  • Ability to include ‘Support Me’ to collect payments for any NGO-based cause.
  • QR Code – scannable code for one’s link page – every page will have a QR Code.
  • Performance analytics.
  • Ability to manually hide blocks.
  • Custom slug URL made possible.
  • Pixabay and Youzign integration.

Linkable Pro – OTO 1 ($67)

Your subs need this pack to unlock many more pro features and even supercharge their effort to enjoy more traffic, leads, sales and ROI. It is a must for everyone looking to extract more out of Linkable. Here’s what’s included inside this pack:

  • Ability to schedule blocks to go live at a selected time.
  • Ability to schedule links to go live at any pre-decided time.
  • Ability to showcase and hide blocks as per your time preferences.
  • Ability to highlight priority content.
  • CName Mapping with the accessibility to point URL to your own domain.
  • Ability to choose unique template designs for each page under a profile.
  • Link policing to open with only secret codes.
  • Ability to save as a template.
  • Clone page.
  • Advanced analytics – most clicked – total revenue earned and much more revealed.
  • Additional fonts made accessible.
  • Equipped with priority support.
  • Loaded with Google Pixel, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pixel and many more social pixel codes.
  • Ability to create your own custom field in forms to collect country, birthday and other credentials.

Linkable Unlimited + Branding Removal – OTO 2 ($97)

  • Ability to come up with unlimited profiles.
  • Ability to create unlimited pages.
  • Ability to include unlimited links inside each unlimited created page.
  • Comes with the unlimited Commercial Payment Collection without any transaction charges at all.
  • Ability to remove tool branding.

Linkable Template Club – OTO 3 ($77)

  • Ability to access 200 categories/niche-based templates comprising of Bio and Mini Web.
  • Comes with 20 animated templates.
  • Loaded with 20 additional themes.
  • Ability to place custom template request option up to 3 templates.
  • Template Club Membership – access 10 templates every month for the next 1 year.
  • Template marketplace to create and sell templates – gives your subs the option to submit and add their payment links and directly collect payments from their users.
  • Exclusive template creation training to help your clan come up with winning ones.

Linkable Agency + Reseller – OTO 4 ($247)

  • Ability to add unlimited team members.
  • Ability to add unlimited client accounts.
  • Custom logo branding for clients made possible.
  • Separate client login.
  • Ability to manage different client accounts.
  • Submit for review mode available.
  • Client comment option and notifications.
  • Client approval mode.
  • Comes with a DFY Agency website.
  • DFY onelink model agency profile.
  • DFY sales videos to start selling onelink services
  • Access 5 high-converting email swipes.
  • Attention-grabbing and number crunching FB ads for the service.
  • Access high-quality DFY phone scripts.
  • DFY client contract to look professional.
  • DFY client presentations made available.
  • DFY agency logo accessibility.
  • DFY onelink portfolio.
  • Ability to create and sell 250 Commercial and Pro accounts.
  • Ability to access end-to-end DFY sales materials that are free to replicate and use.

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review – Bonus

Bonus #1Engage Chat

Engage Chat uses the power of engagement to take any visitor by the hand and converts them to a customer. By giving your visitor the control over your page, it makes them feel EMPOWERED It’s today’s alternative to crowded web pages that don’t perform!

Bonus #2Videohub Pro version with developer license

A whole new level of our flagship video monetization technology that allows you to…Instantly Create UNLIMITED & 10X MORE Profitable Video Campaigns. Generate 500% MORE

Bonus #3Social Directory Pro with developer license

It doesn’t matter if you are selling Amazon products, pushing affiliate products, working with local businesses, or even building yourself as an Authority Figure. Change The Way You Market On Social Media with this “Simple Point-And-Click All Inclusive App” No installations. No need for servers. You don’t even need domains!

Bonus #4Social Suite Pro with developer license

The Simplest Way to Sell Anything Online. Create Incredibly Profitable Social Pages in Under 60 SECONDS – Reduce Ad Costs and Increase Conversions in ANY Niche…

Bonus #5Lead Monster Pro with developer rights

The Ultimate Solution to create pop ups and put your conversions on steroids!Create exit pops, scroll pops and delayed pop ups without installing any script or messing with code!

Linkable DFY Agency Edition Review: Conclusion

After reading this Linkable DFY Agency Edition review, I hope you have understood the features and the value of using Linkable DFY Agency Edition and it helps you make a buying decision. In our opinion, the product is good and value for money, so you must try it once.

Thank you for following my Linkable DFY Agency Edition review and wish you all the best. If, you have any doubts, drop your queries right away in the comments section below.

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