UpViral Review: You are most welcome to my honest UpViral Review. So..there is one thing businesses can’t survive without, it’s a source of qualified leads. M’Right. But collecting leads through ads is expensive, and iffy, And that means you’ll blow through stacks of cash on lead generation with little to show for it.

But What if there is a better, faster, easier, and much cheaper way to score almost unlimited leads for your business? So in this Upviral Review, We will discuss an interactive viral marketing platform that is UpViral Review. We will discuss all features, Pricing, OTOs, and what bonus you can get from this!

So, Let.s start with UpViral Review…

UpViral Review

Overview Of UpViral Review…

Product:-               UpViral
Creator:-               Wilco de Kreij
Launch date:-        2022-Aug-17
Launch Time:-      11:00 EDT
Front End Price:-   $1
Bonus:-                 Yes, Exclusive Bonuses Included
Skills:-                   All level
Recommend:-       Highly Recommend
Support:-               Effective Response
Niche:-                  All
Training:-               Yes, Get step by step training to use
Guarantee:-          30 days money-back guarantee

UpViral ReviewWhat is it?

UpViral is the ultimate Viral Referral Marketing platform. It allows you to run campaigns such as sweepstakes, rewards, and waiting lists that people will want to share with their peers. Once you’ve set up your first campaign you’ll experience the true power of word-of-mouth. Generating traffic, collecting leads, and converting subscribers into customers. UpViral is the fastest and most cost-effective way to grow your business online.

UpViral aims to be the most powerful viral marketing application available to businesses and enterprises of any size. UpViral global team has developed the premier application for generating more site traffic by providing structured incentives for your visitors to refer others.

Many businesses struggle to generate quality targeted traffic in a manner that’s consistently profitable. Simply put, paid traffic and online advertising has become far too expensive for most business owners and entrepreneurs. SEO is also highly cost-prohibitive and increasingly risky. The answer for many of these types of businesses is viral/referral marketing.

To build a powerful enterprise-level application that any business of any size or budget can tap into in order to expand their customer base and of course, increase sales.

Increase traffic, build fast-growing, highly-targeted subscriber lists and of course, gain more customers, locally and/or worldwide. UpViral to stay on the leading edge, ensuring that our customers will always have a distinct competitive advantage. The beauty of referral marketing is that you can put your own spin on it with sweepstakes, milestone campaigns, viral newsletters, pre-launch waiting lists, and more.  

UpViral ReviewHow to use?

UpViral works on a simple principle. It helps bloggers to get viral traffic from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When someone shares your post or blog link in its friend’s circle then they will also share it with their friends. So if you have one person who likes your post then this person would be able to send some of these people too for sharing your blog posts through UpViral. And as soon as they share it, other potential customers will see it and they will be able to see your blog post.

So this is how UpViral works by creating a viral loop for your blog. You only need good content which can attract people’s attention. And once someone shares it in its circle then they would also share it with their friends or other potential customers too through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. And as soon as these people see your post on their newsfeeds then they will click on your link for reading more about the product/service that you are offering.

So if a person likes your article/blog then that person may share directly from Facebook or Twitter or other social media sites. And if this person shares it then that person would also share it with their friends as well so that they may be able to see your article and buy from you because of the viral loop created by UpViral.

I am listing down the ideas of how you can use UpViral:


Being a blogger, I will always focus on increasing the traffic and engagement on the blog. You can apply these ideas to increase your blog traffic using UpViral:

  • Visit the blog
  • Read this article and comment
  • Suggest the improvement to this article


UpViral can help to increase the audience size on Facebook which can directly support your blog growth. I’ve already used UpViral which helped me to increase the group members and engagement fast with just one viral marketing campaign of UpViral. You can use the actions below to get benefit on Facebook:

  1. Like the Facebook page
  2. Share on Facebook
  3. Join Facebook Group
  4. Comment on this Facebook post
  5. Like this Facebook post


Instagram is the fastest growing social media site and with the help of UpViral, you can increase your followers and engagement on Instagram. I have used UpViral and it has helped me to grow my Instagram account in one campaign. You can use the actions below to get benefit on Instagram-

  1. Follow on Instagram
  2. Like this Instagram post
  3. Mention in your Instagram story


YouTube is the second most popular social media site after Instagram. You can use UpViral to increase your subscribers and engagement on YouTube as well. The best and most effective youtube actions you can use with UpViral:

  1. Subscribe to youtube channel
  2. Like this youtube video
  3. Comment on this youtube video

Watch this Demo Video to get know more that How to use…

UpViral Review: Features and Benefits

UpViral is a powerful referral marketing software with loads of features that allow you to generate massive amounts of traffic and leads.

Here are some of features….

Automated coupon delivery

It’s one of the best features of UpViral which helps to grow business in the most effective way. If you have any exclusive discount coupon code which you want people to get only after a certain score, then this is the best way to do it effortlessly.

Whenever any participant of your campaign will reach to the milestone you have set, the system will deliver the coupon code to the registered email address of that participant. This system helps a lot to retain the customers and subscriber’s engagement.

Deep integrations

UpViral does ALOT more than send e-mail addresses to your autoresponder or CRM. Names, phone numbers, DOB, and location can all be captured. In fact, any custom data that you need to build your business effectively can be collected by UpViral and sent to your autoresponder or CRM.

Third party tracking script support

UpViral has an option to add a third-party tracking script in every campaign for adding retargeting pixel which helps to track the visitors to your website.

By adding your google analytics, Facebook pixel, quora pixel, and heatmap tracking you can easily monitor the behavior of the traffic and leads.

Native integration with autoresponders

UpViral has a native integration with autoresponders which helps to get the data directly into your email marketing software to send newsletters and emails on regular basis.

You can set up tags based on milestone rewards which will trigger to update the data in your autoresponder immediately.

A/B Split testing

UpViral has a native feature for A/B split testing which helps you to run the campaign and test different page designs.

You can easily switch between two pages in your UpViral landing page without changing any code.

By running this test, you can get better results on conversion rates of every design variation while improving your overall performance and increasing ROI by using these features effectively.

All Languages Supported

It’s a big world out there and UpViral is ready to help you conquer all of it by making sure you can run viral campaigns successfully in ANY language.

Fraud detection

If the rewards of your campaign will be outstanding, then you can get huge fraud participants to play with the system to cheat and win easily. But UpViral has built an amazing algorithm to track the fraud participants based on specific patterns. And we get the option to disable the fraud participants immediately from the campaign if we need to do so.

Create rewards for any niche

UpViral lets you create and deliver unique prizes for all types of people, promotions, or niches. URLs for secret content. Downloadable files for e-books or software downloads. Coupon codes for e-com stores. Your only limit is your imagination.

Pop up

UpViral has a feature of popup which helps to launch the pop-up instantly without any code. You can easily use this feature for running a quick survey, sending an email, or lead-generation form. By using this feature you can get huge leads in less time than other landing pages and it’s very easy to set up as well.

And by setting up these features effectively, you will find your conversion rate improves significantly with each campaign run on the UpViral platform.

Segment Leads with Tags

Each time a participant joins a campaign or unlocks a new reward UpViral will send over a tag to your autoresponder or CRM. This way you can segment your leads and move them more effectively through your sales funnels.

1000+ zapier integrations

Zapier connects UpViral with the apps you use every day offering simplified workflows and powerful automatons.

Open Graph Optimisation

UpViral uses Open Graph to spread your viral campaigns far beyond Facebook and Twitter, making sure your contest is easy to share and looks great on major social platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest & Whatsapp.

UpViral ReviewWhy should you use it?

Anyone who wants to generate massive viral traffic fast, grow social media followers, increase the size of the email list, and expand brand awareness, should use UpViral from today.

Every business needs sales to sustain and grow but most of the bloggers don’t even think to focus on increasing the traffic.

Once the traffic will increase, you may expect sales too.

But in case you are not getting traffic after trying everything including answering on Quora, SEO, guest posting, and social media posting then you should give it a try to UpViral.

Using UpViral can boost up your sales from the first day itself.

Let me share a list of the niches where UpViral can provide much benefits….

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Coaching
  • Youtuber
  • Restaurants
  • Influencer marketing
  • SAAS products
  • And many more…

UpViral Pricing & UpViral OTO Details

Choose the plan that’s right  for you

Leads10 00025 000100 000
Unlimited Visitors
Unlimited Campaigns
Custom Domains1310
Email Identities1310
Automated Winner Selection
Automated Prize Delivery
Smart Leaderboards
Scheduled Campaigns
Unlimited Rewards
Unique Coupon Delivery
Reward Management
Pages & Widgets...
Mobile Optimized
Fully Customizable
Personalization Tags
Scheduled Campaigns
Facebook Login
Hosted Templates
Embeddable Widgets
Countdown Timer
Custom Integration
Analytics & Reporting...
In-Depth Analytics Dashboard
Export CSV
UTM Tracking
A/B Split Testing
Unlimited CRM Integrations
Advanced Tagging
Pixel Tracking
One-Click Links
All languages supported
Custom Actions
Branded Referral Links
360 degrees lead view
Embed on any site
Rules Generator
GDPR Compliant
Free SSL Certificate
Access to Learning Center
Restrict By Location
Remove UpViral Branding

Have questions? We’re here to help you!

How does your pricing work?

Once you choose the plan that best fits your needs, Starter, Business, or Premium, you’ll sign up with a full 14-day unlimited access to UpViral for only $1. After 14 days, if you decide to keep it, we’ll rebill the monthly or yearly subscription you selected.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no contracts or hidden fees so you can cancel your monthly or yearly service at any time.

How do I sign up?

Just click the “Get Started Now” button at the top of this page to sign up.

What Happens if I Change Plan?

If you upgrade mid-month your new plan will begin immediately, if you downgrade then your current plan will continue until the next rebill.

Can I Upgrade For One Month Only?

Absolutely, our pricing model is fully flexible, which means you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

What types of rewards can I create?

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your rewards. We offer four different reward types (Double-sided, single-sided, milestone, and leaderboard) that are included in all plans.

UpViral ReviewConclusion

UpViral Review is an amazing viral marketing software that can definitely help you to grow your blog traffic fast from the first day of the campaign. Even if you think that you are a completely newbie or beginner, then you should not have to worry about it. UpViral system is enough to boost up the results. Many of the new businesses used UpViral at prelaunch level to build the audience base and then they monetized with social media and email marketing.

So, If you’re looking for a powerful, affordable and accessible viral marketing tool then I would highly recommend using UpViral. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes and it offers unbeatable pricing plans. And I hope You will understand all details mentioned in UpViral review..

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Important- All the bonuses will be sent to your email address after the complete purchase of VidJack Reloaded Software if in any case, you don’t get the bonuses you have to send a mail to our support email – otoandcoupons@gmail.com

So, certainly, this doodle software will deserve a thumbs up for every aspect it has in the offer In case, still you have queries about VidJack Reloaded or feel confused with other things. Please feel free to comments below or contact me!

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